Magento FedEx Extension
Magento FedEx Extension
  •  • Integrates Magento with FedEx APIs
  •  • Print Shipping Labels
  •  • Package tracking
  •  • Thermal Printers
  •  • Schedule Pickups


FedEx is decommissioning their legacy Shipping label support, via the FedEx Integration Wizard. Cobb Consulting has upgraded our Magento FedEx extension to use the latest FedEx web service APIs. It also adds many new features like: - thermal label printing - schedule pickups - commercial invoice for duties / customs.

FedEx now requires that you get certified to use FedEx web services for shipping labels. First you use your DEV credentials, send example labels to FedEx, and then once you are certified you can use your live credentials.  We have helped serveral customers become certified and can make the proces very easy for your customer.

We also can make any "custom add-on" that you might need to match your business requirements exactly.