Magento FedEx Extension
Magento FedEx Extension
  •  • Integrates Magento with FedEx APIs
  •  • Print Shipping Labels
  •  • Package tracking
  •  • Thermal Printers
  •  • Schedule Pickups


Magento - eCommerce platform

The Magento ecommerce system has been widely adopted by online retailers with 150,000 sites known to use it ranging from smaller ecommerce websites to large multinational businesses such as Harvey Nichols and Samsung. (Wikipedia)

While Magento offers a free "Community" edition, it should be noted that the software is a complex solution that will typically require the user to have a reasonable grasp of php and html in order to set a customized store live. While there is an enormous amount of 'self help' available on forums and offered by the Magento community,, Cobb Consulting specializes in custom Magento modules and specialized Magento hosting platofrm.

Magento Knowledge Base

1) Magento FedEx Setup Guide - instructions on how to setup Magento to utilize built-in FedEx features
2) Magento 1.5->2.0 Fedex Integration Problem
3) FedEx Upgrade

FedEx upgrade and patch that supports all versions of Magento

FedEx is decommissioning legacy system and our extension uses the latest FedEx Webservices API.
  • Supports all versions of Magento
  • Supports all countries
  • Thermal Printers
  • Return Labels
  • Commercial invoice for customs/duties
  • Schedule Pickups
  • Advanced Package Tracking - completely automated
  • Custom add-one available to meet your exact business requirements
    FedEx Upgrade

    vTiger - CRM platorm

    vtiger CRM is an open source CRM application that was forked from SugarCRM with the intention of being a fully open source CRM application with comparable functionality to SugarCRM and It offers reporting, a customer portal and an Outlook plugin in its free edition, whereas those functions are in paid versions of the other CRM applications.


  • Sales automation (customizable product entries, inventory management, quotations, billing, and trouble ticketing)
  • Customer support & service functions, including a customer self-service portal
  • Marketing automation (lead generation, campaign support, knowledge bases)
  • I nventory Management
  • Analysis and reporting