Magento FedEx Extension
Magento FedEx Extension
  •  • Integrates Magento with FedEx APIs
  •  • Print Shipping Labels
  •  • Package tracking
  •  • Thermal Printers
  •  • Schedule Pickups

Those who still use Magento 1.5 will no longer be able to utilize FedEx webservices for rate quotes. Please see steps below needed to solve this problem. Upgrade to a later version of Magento to utlize our Magento FedEx Extension which offers all the latest FedEx webservices features.


 Step 1: 

 If you are using live site then

 $_gatewayUrl = ‘’;


 For tesing(sand box)  site :

 $_gatewayUrl = ‘’;


 Step 2: Please open


app/code/core/Mage/Usa/Model/Shipping/Carrier/Fedex.php and find out  “_getXmlQuotes() “ function . Now here you havev to mention correct  MeterNumber and CarrierCode.


 See Example:


$requestHeader->addChild(‘MeterNumber’, ’100121601′);

$requestHeader->addChild(‘CarrierCode’, ‘FDXE’);


Note: In admin “shipping setting” section, you need to enter correct “Account Number” for proper working of this module.